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      About us

      Established in the January, 2013, Remighty New Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is the pioneer of professional solar panel cleaning devices supplier in the term of ground mounted solar farm cleaning, and all works of distributed solar farm cleaning.

      The company wholly brought in the European advanced technology of portable solar panel cleaning system, and localized its technology, makes the high quality and reliable portable solar panel cleaning equipment economically acceptable for the common solar farm owners and maintenance corporations.

      Remighty New Energy currently can wholly manufacture the portable high pressure water cleaning brush system of Solar-Brush which is worked through high pressure cleaner spraying water beam to specially spray out through multi-outlet of water hole on the bronze oval head. The system works through dual power electric power and mechanical power through gasoline or diesel engine horse power output drived high pressure water spray and densely layer bristle of the brush swipe. Besides, there are also the direct link, multi options of telescopic carbon lances, high pressure hose and high pressure cleaner, filter which all together coming into the whole system.

       Plus, the company also provide the Sola-Tecs C, and Sola-Tecs W system whose main parts from original German made and the other parts like the goose neck, carbon pole, high pressure hose and high pressure cleaner made in China.

       Not only so, the company also provide the solar panel professional cleaning service and grass cutting service for the Mega watts solar farm around China.

       Presently, the company is taking care of 2000 Megawatts solar farm of all types like ground mounted, roof top, fish pond above, agriculture and PV together projects all through China.

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